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Steel is an alloy composed or carbon and iron. It is extensively used in construction, automobiles and other applications due to its high tensile strength, ductility and cost-efficiency. Carbon and other elements are combined with iron to create hardening agents that avert the movement of irregularities which occur within crystal lattices. Steel is created from mined iron ore. Since ore has more carbon than needed it must be processed again to lessen carbon concentration to a desirable amount before steel is formed. Even with the introduction of modern steelmaking techniques newly-formed and scrap steel prices remain in considerable height.

As mentioned earlier, mining is required to form steel. Regrettably, it has various detrimental effects to the environment such as water pollution, disruption of marine and terrestrial biodiversity and deforestation. Processes involved in forming this alloy emit large amounts of carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane; gases that can trap heat radiation which leads to global warming. In order to avoid these detrimental effects numerous industries use recycled steel instead. This elevates the demand for scrap steel and thereby increases scrap steel prices.

Many industries need steel especially in this age of industrialization, and because mining comes with a lot of controversies they simply use scrap steel. Junkyards gather scrap steel bits and pieces, clean them up and separate the ferrous and non-ferrous before cramming them into blocks and selling them to clients. If you have lots of junk steel at home, it would be prudent to bring them to a scrap metal dealer. There are numerous scrap metal dealers across the country these days because there is an intense demand for scrap steel. You certainly won’t have a problem finding a buyer that offers great scrap steel prices.

Scrap steel had been used but it doesn’t matter, scrap metal buyers are still going to buy it. Why? This is because the intrinsic physical properties of this metal do not depreciate with every use. Its tensile strength, ductility, corrosion resistance, hardness and density won’t change even if it has gone through a recycle process. Therefore, if you are using recycled steel do not expect it to be less than newly-formed steel. This is one of the principal reasons why scrap steel prices don’t drop; they are just as good as newly formed steel.

Now that you know why you should take part in recycling steel, it is time to know how to get the best scrap steel prices. Be informed that not all steels are the same. There are more than a hundred steel grades and they correspond to different rates. For example, scrap 316 stainless steel costs £900 per ton because it highly resistant to sulfur compounds and repels chloride attack while No.1 Steel only costs around £115. Be reminded that the rates vary from one city to another so you should still check the rates of your local scrap metal dealers. Another thing is junkyards will evaluate the condition of the scrap steel before accepting it.


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