Scrap Metal Dealers License UK

The Scrap Metal Dealer License in UK

The Recycling metal industry in United Kingdom is well known from decades. This industry is so important because it generates a very valuable contribution to the economy, and that it preserves the environment and the saves Energy. But this industry requires intermediates collectors and dealers to supply the recycling units with Scrap Metal. Regarding the Environmental impact of such procedures and property issues, registering the several intermediate actors in the metal recycling industry became a necessity to regulate a control the flow of materials and the flow of cash. By the force of the Act 1964 and Act 2013, a license called the Scrap Metal Dealer License is mandatory to run such business.

The Scrap Metal Dealers:

The Acts define Scrap metal Dealers as any Physics or Moral person that runs a business that is based, totally or in part, on buying or selling scrap metal or, as introduced by the Act 2013, who is running a business as Motor Salvage Operator. This includes small local sellers and local collectors, and entrepreneurs that operate as whole sale, whether they own a site of collector they travel across the local authorities.

Scrap Metal Dealer License Types

It is the document that any Scrap Metal dealer has to hold to run such business. There are two types of license:

  • Site License: This license is dispensed for those who run their business from a fixed area in their Local authorities. This area could be a private property or just the dealer holds a permission to exploit. The license gives the business carrier to move scrap metal from and into the site.
  • Collector License: required for whoever wants to act like mobile collector through the local authority. He may needs more than one license to operate over more than one district.

After October the 1st, 2013, any person who is carrying a business as specified above is considered in offence if he doesn’t hold a license. The license term is three (3) years, and it is renewable.

How to apply:

To have a Scrap Dealer License, it is recommended to go to the Council of the local authority where the Scrap Metal Business is held. Everyone who runs a business as described by the Act 2013 is called to deposit a dossier with mainly the following papers:

  • His Personal Info and Coordinates.
  • Info about the Partners and their Coordinates.
  • Business name of the company.
  • Info About the sites mentioned in the license.
  • Info about the Manager of the site.
  • Proof of Previous licenses.
  • Proof of Environmental authorization.
  • Bank account number ( where the fees will be deduced)


Other documents may be required, but it is better to consult the council for more details.

Fees of Licenses

The First time license costs £580,00 for site license and £280,00 for collector license. To renew the licenses the fees are respectively £420,00 and £200,00, to change the type of license the charges are £150 and £100 respectively.

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