Scrap Iron Prices


Cast Iron and other ferrous metal scraps have been very attractive materials for a lot of metal scrap buyers and engineers due to its good castability and machinability, relatively high fluidity, great weldability and excellent resistance to deformation, destruction and rusting. They are widely used in piping systems, automotive parts, industrial machineries, construction tools and factory equipment. They also tend to be brittle, which makes them easy to quantitatively sort by scrap metal enthusiasts. Engineers use cast iron metal scraps to mold more durable and strong materials that are commonly employed in construction of buildings, bridges, machineries and unit operation equipment. Cast iron has very strong endurance when it comes to compression and thus they are good candidate for structural and industrial usage.


When it comes to scrap iron metals, prices vary in a wide price range, depending on their metal grade. It comes in £60 per ton for those low grade metals and even reaches up to £130 per ton for those that are used in a much more bigger purposes. One of the most expensive iron metal grades is the new production cuttings or punchings, which cost about £130 per ton. They are usually produced from recycled factories, welders and fabricators’ waste products. Plates and girders are another expensive iron metal grade, which are commonly used in bridges and building constructions, which cost around £125 per ton. They are for durable and high-strength use and hence they are relatively pricy. Another fine iron metal grades are the no. 1 steel and cast iron metals. They cost about £115 per ton. They are one of the most commonly used scrap metals globally and are being employed for structural purposes as well as in textile mills. Light iron (No. 6) and iron metal scraps from cars and vehicular machineries cost around £65 per ton. These are pretty much cheaper iron metal grades since they are not for high-end use. One of the cheapest among iron metal scraps is steel turnings or swarfs. They cost around £60 per ton and they are commonly taken from industrial waste metals. There are still a lot of iron metal grade classifications and sub-classifications that have prices ranging just like the aforementioned grades. The choice of what grade scrap buyers are going to purchase lies on the purpose that these metal scraps will be serving.


Those prices mentioned are just statistical averages since they constantly change on a daily basis. The price for each scrap metal grade fluctuates every day and metal scrap buyers pay for the price of the metal scraps for that day on which they did the purchase. A lot of metal scrap specialists carefully scour the entire scrap metal businesses in their nearby areas just to find the best price they can have for iron scrap metals. Others resort to online scrap metal sites for a cheaper and more convenient transaction. Some even resort to online scrap metal trading and bidding just to get the best grade at the best price possible.

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